[thelist] Screen Size

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Sep 6 09:57:52 CDT 2007

Steven Pierce noted:

>>The page that I am using is a Liquid page, and it works great at the
current res.  

Hi Steven,

This page?  www.page-developer.net/chris/fibu

Ummm, no.  Sorry.  That's not a liquid design.  Browse at pretty much
anything less than full screen, (in IE6 on Win), and the navigation menu
becomes missing in action and completely unusable.  Hmmm ... Not quite
'ice' either.  Looks like one of what some folks used to call a 'jello'

Check out evolt.org as a better example of a liquid design.  No key
functionality is lost for users resizing their browser ... or surfing at
less than full screen ... or using different screen resolutions.


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