[thelist] legal contract signature online? (USA)

Darrell King darrellgking at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 07:21:36 CDT 2007

Since the value of the signature would presumably be its validity as legally
binding in court, wouldn't it be logical to ask a lawyer - or even several
lawyers? Are you sure you want to present our opinions to your client as the
authority on the subject? You research should be billable, of course, so all
you lose is a little time...


On 9/7/07, Stephen Rider <evolt_org at striderweb.com> wrote:
> For an apartment management web site, I have been asked if I could
> implement a function that allows a (prospective or returning) tenant
> to sign a lease online.  This would have to be a function that
> obtains a legally binding "signature" from somebody coming to the site.
> The only example of this type of thing I can think of is the IRS
> allowing "digital signatures" now for tax returns.
> Does anyone know about doing this?  Short of calling a lawyer, I'm
> not even sure where to start...

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