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Carlo Bongiovanni carlo.bongiovanni at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 14:12:09 CDT 2007

Thanks for yours and other people's suggestions.
About this site, I must use ASP (.NET), and someone suggested me to do the
work by putting the translations in the database, and then choosing which
one to show.
I'm not sure if this approach is good, i fear that using a db the web-site
could be really slow, but at the end i'll choose between that approach, and
the one using a global variable...

About my knowledges and possibilities, I have no problem using server side
languages, and the website will be in a dedicated server all for it.

Thanks everyone

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> The right solution might depend on the project's size. For a couple of
> pages you might as well hardcode them in separate static files, for
> larger stuff is more about what server-side stuff are you (and your
> host) happy to mess with. Any modern scripting language should be
> capable of doing the job, but there is no way you can build something
> sizeable without some coding.
> My own humble 2p: PHP with mbstring, Smarty templates, separate Smarty
> config files as string repositories and separate fields in the database.
> Utf-8 everywhere. The language ISO-639 codes used embedded in the URL,
> the config file name, the database field name. Makes for readable files,
> and you can write them with any (utf-8) text editor.
> One suggestion if the customer is supposed to add or update content on
> its own: make sure they really have the capability to keep all of the
> separate language versions up to date, otherwise they'll end up with one
> or two languages decently taken care of, and the others showing empty
> pages. Some of the websites ended up this way and after a while it
> becomes something you just don't want to show around...
> djn
> Eduardo Kienetz wrote:
> > a customer asked to have his website in 5 different languages
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