[thelist] e-commerce and tobacco products

ww warren0728 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 10:16:58 CDT 2007

i have a client who owns a  cigar shop and wants to sell cigars  
online. I know there are special restrictions and not all cc  
processors will handle tobacco products.

Has anyone set up an e-commerce site for tobacco products?

I have been told by a cc vendor that the only online processing  
company that does tobacco is comdata (comdata.com) and says that  
veratad technologies (veratad.com) is the only game in town for age  
verification. This seems hard for me to believe.

ALSO: if anyone has used veratad can you give me their fee  
structure...i can't find it on their website.

Looking for other options too (if there are any out there)!

thanks in advance,

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