[thelist] How to Control Display of URL in Google Results

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> This is true.  However, I believe it is possible to control the case of
> a domain at the dns level.  That way if someone did type in
> http://www.lighthouse-commercial.com it would redirect to
> http://www.Lighthouse-Commercial.com correcting the case

DNS does not do "redirects". It merely resolves a hostname (which is case insensitive) to an IP address. The browser then makes a request to that IP address for content.

DNS can not "fix" the URL to be upper case. At best you can check the "host" HTTP header value sent by the client, and issue a 302 HTTP redirect to your "fixed" URL if the original request was all in lower case. But this is done by the webserver, not the DNS server.


> An
> interesting test to see if Google would honor what DNS is specifically
> asking to be displayed.

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