[thelist] help..needed...With the GET function in php

jothi jothi jthjothi at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 2 00:46:07 CDT 2007

  I am using GET function to passs variables to one page to another to draw graphs...below is the code that i use for pass variable to draw based one specfic date that has been selected by the user..calendar is the field in the form...
  <? echo "<img src=\"Specific_Temperature_Line_Graph.php?calendar={$_POST['calendar']}\">"; ?>            
  Now ,the user also may select the range of date to generate graphs...start and end date ...as for the start i use calendar3,and end calendar2...i use the below code..its not displaying the output...no data were selected...Could you please review this codes...Data have to be selected between start and end date..
    echo "<img src=\"Specific_Temperature_Line_Graph.php?start={$_POST['start']}&end={$_POST['end']\">"; 
  Where is the error could be?
  Thank you for your time...

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