[thelist] Opt in out.. etc...

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Wed Oct 3 10:21:35 CDT 2007

> We've a form (UK based)
> we want an optin to recive more info cehckbox..
> I forget the law...
> Do we have to say opt in, and have the check it, or opt out and have
> them uncehck it...?
> i seem to remember that the US and the EU have different laws...?
> Any thoughts?

I don't know the law. When I build something that's 'opt in' I make it
truly opt in by leaving it unchecked, and let the user check it. If it's
pre-checked and they have to uncheck it, that's 'opt out', isn't it?

I really hate it when I've unchecked all the 'yes, spam me with more
info!' boxes at the bottom of the form, then it bounces me back there
because I didn't fill in my mother's birth address or whatever, and
*re-checks* the stupid boxes, so I have to remember not to 'opt in' by
opting out.

Make your 'please opt in' message as obvious and pleading as you want,
but do your visitors a favor and let them truly opt in.


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