[thelist] security certificate

marianna wemac2 at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 3 15:11:29 CDT 2007

hi everyone-

i am a beginner hoping to find some help here.

we host with bluehost whose server got hacked last friday and it has been
nothing but headaches since then. part of the site is a zen shopping cart
and now after i got almost everything back as it was before friday, we run
into the following issue:

at the site http://www.feed-back.com there is a link on the right to the
shopping cart. when clicking this link in internet explorer (any version it
seems), a warning comes up regarding the certificate. i am on a mac, and my
warning on internet explorer is a bit different then the one on a pc, but
basically it seems to warn the viewer that there is a problem with the
security certificate on this site.

in firefox, one gets the following message: you have attempted to establish
a connection with ³feed-back.com². However, the security certificate
presented belongs to ³www.feed-back.com². it is possible, though unlikely,
that someone may be trying to intercept your communication with this web

i talked to bluehost and they can¹t figure out what is wrong. they say the
certificate is valid and they removed and re-installed it several times
without results.

any suggestions how i can stop this window from popping up? or where to look
for help?

thank you,

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