[thelist] FPDF+Jpgraphs

jothi jothi jthjothi at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 8 21:20:27 CDT 2007

  I am using Jpgraphs to generate graphs..i have to display the data for plotting the graphs as well.These results has to be in PDF.hence i used FPDF to generate pdf..
  Now i can display the data in table format,which are used for plotting the graphs...But i dont know how to insert the graph in FPDF..
  I have seent the tutorial where they use the 
  $logo=get contence.....(http://localhost/graph.php)
  I had tried this but it is not working...
  Errors comes out saying that graph.php is not PNG.....
  So the problem that i am having is 
  1.)How to insert the graph.php in FPDF
  2.)How to integrate the graphs and the table....
  Is anyone have used insert the Jpgraphs in FPDF?
  By the way i am using PHP,xampp(internal server) for my project...Your help is very much appreciated...thanks
  Thank you for your time...

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