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We've used Google Groups to good effect in the past; not sure if that
will work vis a vis the professional nature of your listserve.

(As background, we tried Topica a few years back but found it a very
unpleasant experience; we switched to Google Groups for an employment
law-related list and it's worked very well for us).

And in terms of cost-effectiveness, Google Groups is free. Though I'm
not sure if a 2,200 member list might change that (our list was less
than 500 recipients). Then again, it's Google, so you can probably do a
million person list <grin>.

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I have a potential client that is looking into listserve's for managing
an article based newsletter only to its members, approximately 2200.

Does anyone know of a reliable cost effective listserve other than
constant contact that could be used?



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