[thelist] DNS management

Dejan Kozina dejan at kozina.com
Wed Oct 10 13:02:24 CDT 2007

If by DNS tools you mean having one's own name servers and write access
to the zone records, the answer is yes. My hosting provider
(dathorn.com) has its own name servers and allows record editing upon
If your hosting doesn't, you can open a free account at
http://xname.org/ up to two or three domains. They check your records
for errors before letting them go live.


Joel D Canfield wrote:
> I just found out that my 'new' (soon to be 'latest ex') domain registrar
> won't give me support on their DNS tools. [1]
> Do any of you use DNS tools separate from your registrar's?
> thanks
> joel
> [1] Watch for my post at http://CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com/ "Not My Job
> is Not Customer Service"
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