[thelist] RTF Import to CMS

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 12:45:48 CDT 2007

I have now a set of around 10K RTF files which I want to import into my 
CMS of choice, that being Drupal. Roughly 600 of them have external 
images, linked using a structured file naming system. The RTF data is 
structured in volumes, each one to a directory, and then each page (more 
or less) is an RTF file.

I have poked around Google and drupal.com and I haven't really found any 
good solution for this type of import. The RTF files are not technically 
simple--some have tables and sideways text and other non-trivial RTF 

Any ideas as how to begin with this job? Perhaps convert RTF to HTML or 
XML first?

I would also consider another CMS if one was more suited to this 
task--Drupal is the one I know.


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