[thelist] Converting php forms/session to Joomla

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Oct 16 08:51:16 CDT 2007

I'm converting a site for which I designed an administration section 
with login/password and PHP sessions to Joomla. 

I can possibly do this in either direction, but what I would prefer 
doing is to convert my forms/session so that it will use the standard 
Jooma session - so that I don't need to manage two different types of 
sessions, login, etc.  My forms start with something like:

session_name ("SomeVisitID");

Can I get some suggestions as to what I would need to do, add to my 
forms, session-wise, so that they will run with Jooma or what code I 
need to be grabbing from Joomla to make this happen?  

Thx, Bob

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