[thelist] interactive advertising advice

chris nuccio cnuccio at ltpro.com
Tue Oct 16 12:19:11 CDT 2007

hello all,
been away for quite a while, and a client, who does automotive  
advertising, is doing a few flash banners, etc. which are  
subsequently distributed via interactive agencies based on some  
unknown strategy.  my question is, if one want to essentially become  
an expert quickly on formats, pixel dimensions, types of interactive  
gimmicks, etc, placement strategies, infometrics etc, where would one  
start?(beyond all the very unfocused google searching i have been  

  what i am getting at is being the geek in between the "old school"  
ad agency and whoever actually places the banners etc. to essentially  
translate. i have a web programming background, although i am a  
compressionist/ video guy these days.
a metaphor would be, if i needed to learn php, i would start at evolt.
is there a similar "home base" for interactive/ flash et al advertising?

sorry its so general but i never fail to at least get leads from the  
great people here.
thanks very much.

chris nuccio
cnuccio at ltpro.com

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