[thelist] Good Mid-Range CMS Options?

Adam Audette pubs at audettemedia.com
Wed Oct 17 13:05:37 CDT 2007


Hannon Hill's Cascade Server might be worth a look: 


Adam Audette
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>Hey list,
>I don't post very often, but I definitely appreciate being a part 
>of such a
>list and having the opportunity to hear all the great input you 
>have to
>Hopefully you can help me out - The organization I work for, a small
>non-profit (75 people or so) is looking for a new CMS.  We're 
>running PaperThin's CommonSpot (yuck!) and looking to move to a 
>mid-range application.  It would preferrably be something that 
>XML/XSLT and works well when integrating with a back end AMS 
>Right now, our front runner is Ingeniux, but I've been told to 
>keep an eye
>out for potential other number 2 options, since we don't have any 
>we're that impressed with from a list of Ektron, SiteCore, Hannon 
>Cascade, Serena Collage, and Conductor.
>If you have any positive feedback on any of our second options for 
>a new CMS
>in terms of what we're looking for, that would be awesome.  If you 
>happen to
>know of an alternative option for a new CMS in the same price 
>range, that
>would be appreciated as well :)
>Thanks all!  You're of wonderful help :)
>IM: TymArtist

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