[thelist] ecommerce - certificate / authorize.net / payment module configuration

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Oct 17 16:10:41 CDT 2007

Sounds like a newbie questions I guess - as I haven't fully configured 
an ecommerce package from scratch in the past, only inherited. And I 
have not set up authorize.net before.

When you order/install a certificate to avoid domain mismatch problems, 
how should it be named to not cause errors? Say the domain is 
www.myshop.com, is is supposed to be identified as www.myshop.com or 
myshop.com or http://www.myshop.com?

The shopping cart module we are using is virtuemart (formerly phpshop).  
When I look through the available Payment Methods there is nothing 
preinstalled for authorize.net, but there is a function to add a new 
method.  I did a google on 'authorize.net virtuemart' and found source 
code for a payment module at: 

I presume that I copy that into the appropriate path, then add 
Authorize.net as a payment method.  Is there more to this? 

Then on the Add Payment Method page (via the shopping cart admin 
console)  there are a number of fields to complete:

* Payment Method Name:   Authorize.net (yes?)
* Code: _____ (what goes here?)
* Payment class name :  ps_authorize (without the .php extension?)
* Payment method type: Check credit card option?  (Other options include 
Use Payment Processor)
* Accepted Credit Card Types?  How do I know?

The business owner's rep went through authorize.net and got for me the 
merchant login/password used to  to issue the API Transaction Key you 
need for the cart activation.  How/where is this information used? 

I'm feeling pretty but I would rather get this right than wrong.  If 
there is a tutorial that answers these questions in novice language 
please point me there.

Thx, Bob

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