[thelist] html div

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Wed Oct 17 17:30:17 CDT 2007

> Here is a question so simple, it embarasses me to ask. 

well, maybe it's a simple question, but it's a *major* turning point in
your web coding

> Would anyone please give me some pointers on how to get these 
> divs properly aligned?

if you can send a link to an online example, we can offer more advice
than you really want.

in addition, save yourself loads of grief and spend some time learning
about floating in CSS:


and maybe even get a copy of the glashaus CSS book.

put aside 'table' thinking, spend some time on theory, and you'll come
up to speed *much* faster than by trial and error (and error, and error,
and error . . .)

oh, and ask lots of questions here.


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