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Darrell King darrellgking at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 08:00:52 CDT 2007

Don't hurt yourself trying to make layouts that exactly mimic table
layouts! There are issues involved with getting that footer to span
the page like the bottom row of a table. CSS didn't take that into
account when it was coded, so you could get a headache is you try to
conform to a variable-height layout of that type. Branch out from your
old habits and explore the new possibilities of CSS, such as
overlapping divs and the potential of positioning.

I wrote the above because I had my own headaches trying to make CSS
imitate table layouts. It was simply the wrong mindset to cling to.
Next is a more helpful response, a link to some layout examples:



> -----Original message-----
> From: Lightening oktellme at earthlink.net
> > Here is a question so simple, it embarasses me to ask.
> >
> > No matter -  it would embarass me more to continue to not know!
> >
> > I've been coding my html with tables for years, but tables are not the right tool for this application.
> >
> > So I am using DIV instead.
> >
> > Trouble I am having is the browser puts the various blocks of DIV where it wants to, and not where I want it to be.
> >
> > I am trying to have a header, a footer, each spanning the page, and a left, center and right column. I am using css, if that matters.
> >
> > Would anyone please give me some pointers on how to get these divs properly aligned?
> >
> > thanks , Laura
> >
> > ps, code available on request.
> >
> >

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