[thelist] ecommerce - certificate / authorize.net / payment module configuration

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I was JUST investigating authorize.net yesterday for a client's website.
They have lots of information on their website for developers, including
downloadable sample code, and a test environment.

Start here:
They also offer the option of getting your own SSL certificate or using


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I'm still working with this, if anyone can advise.  Also looking through
other forums for advice.

I just installed a vanilla install of osCommerce on my site.  It has a
default module already installed for Authorize.net and when you go to
install that Gateway the questions are much different than what I see when I
go to add a payment module for Virtuemart.  Not sure whether this is because
I don't understand the processes or it is not installed correctly yet.

In osCommerce payment gateway I see:

*Enable Authorize.net Module* Do you want to accept Authorize.net payments?
-->  True/False *Login Username* used for the Authorize.net service -->
______________ *Transaction Key* used for encrypting TP data  -->
_________________ *Transaction Mode* used for processing orders  -->
Test/Production *Transaction Method* used for processing orders --> Credit
Card or eCheck

On Virtuemart there are a number of fields to complete:
> * Payment Method Name:   Authorize.net (yes?)
> * Code: _____________ (what goes here?)
> * Payment class name :  ps_authorize (without the .php extension?)
> * Payment method type: Check credit card option?  (Other options 
> include Use Payment Processor)
> * Accepted Credit Card Types?  How do I know?


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