[thelist] ecommerce - certificate / authorize.net / payment module configuration - solved

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Oct 18 17:58:53 CDT 2007

Read comments below...
> I just installed a vanilla install of osCommerce on my site.  It has a 
> default module already installed for Authorize.net and when you go to 
> install that Gateway the questions are much different than what I see 
> when I go to add a payment module for Virtuemart.  Not sure whether this 
> is because I don't understand the processes or it is not installed 
> correctly yet.
> In osCommerce payment gateway I see:
> *Enable Authorize.net Module* Do you want to accept Authorize.net 
> payments? -->  True/False
> *Login Username* used for the Authorize.net service --> ______________
> *Transaction Key* used for encrypting TP data  --> _________________
> *Transaction Mode* used for processing orders  --> Test/Production
> *Transaction Method* used for processing orders --> Credit Card or eCheck
Mostly there, now just some testing.  This was way too simple...For the 
record, in osCommerce and perhaps  zen-cart, you have to select:

        Modules --> Payment --> Authorize.net --> then select to edit 
the gateway

With Virtuemart, it's a different route which is unexpected if you've 
had your expectations set...  Select:

       List Payment Methods --> then select to edit the credit card 
method  --> *General tab*
The vanilla installation has it already linked to the authorize.net 
class, ps_authorize.  You can check off the card types to process then 
select the *Configuration* tab.  Here is where you enter the 
authorize.net login, password, etc.

Harumph... not a technical problem - a virtuemart newbie issue!


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