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Tigdh Glesain tigdh at tigdh.com
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Thanks .k,

Yes, CMS does mean that... (O:

  I'm learning to use a programme called Mod-X, so that is why I used  
the term 'protocol', in the sense that it is a structured 'language'  
system that will function with PHP and Apache, both of which I set up  

The sticking point was the SQL and MySQL specifically, as I am only  
learning at this stage how the whole kit and kaboodle works, so I  
wasn't wanting to pay $599 to use MySQL if something else was  
available, either for a lower price or gratis...

Thanks for the link too... EO:

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On 24/10/2007, at 10:39 PM, kasimir-k wrote:

Tigdh Glesain scribeva in 24/10/2007 12:51:
> Is there an SQL download available for Mac OS X that allows me to set
> up a database to allow me to learn to use PHP and CMS protocol?
> I hope that question makes sense...

Well, it almost makes sense :-)

I've never heard about a protocol called CMS - usually CMS in web
context refers to Content Management System.

SQL is a language used with relational database management systems
(RDBMS), an example of such system is MySQL.

To use PHP and MySQL, you'll need a web server, e.g. Apache.

An easy way to get these three (Apache, PHP, MySQL) running on OS X is
MAMP <http://www.mamp.info/>.


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