[thelist] Stop the Hate - IE6 isn't so bad!

Tigdh Glesain tigdh at tigdh.com
Wed Oct 24 09:40:40 CDT 2007

I concur, John, and add my appreciation for the article...

I still struggle with identifying issues that relate to IE full stop,  
but IE6 in particular is a pain in the derriere... (O:

I am, at this point in time, a XHTML and CSS devotee, and lean toward  
the 'purist' in my approach, so IE6 irks my bone more than most,  
mainly because it is so 'standards un-compliant', but moreso because  
Microshaft, sorry Microsoft are so bl#@dy minded about their product...

That's my $0.0185 (seeing as I'm in Australia) (O:


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On 24/10/2007, at 11:28 PM, Jon Hughes wrote:

> Contrarily, IE6 isn't that good... (O:

Don't get me wrong, I don't like IE6's ability(or lack there-of) any  
than the next guy, I just think that it is a necessary burden we  
and developers have to deal with, until the usage dies down.


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