[thelist] Stop the Hate - IE6 isn't so bad!

Tigdh Glesain tigdh at tigdh.com
Wed Oct 24 10:00:06 CDT 2007

"And the silver award for tired-typo-spotting goes to.... (drum roll  
please....)" (O:

Thanks David, you are quite correct...  It is 1 am here, and I've  
been glued to my Mac for the better part of 18 hours, so, my  

Thanks also for your _gentle_ back-hander (O:

I was visiting W3 Schools 'cos I'm trying to wrap my head around php,  
and I was given a link to _there_ from _here_ - that's my excuse, and  
I'll stick to it... (O:

I personally don't have a care either way, but do think that a  
"...designer is what a designer does...", to quote Jeffery Zeldman...


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On 24/10/2007, at 11:41 PM, David Dorward wrote:

On 24 Oct 2007, at 15:33, Tigdh Glesain wrote:

> It's interesting to see these figures from W3C Schools site in
> contrast to The Counter figures...

I assume you mean W3Schools rather than W3C Schools. W3Schools are
not affiliated with the W3C in any way.

The contrast is easily explained. The W3Schools stats are from their
audience (mostly relatively new web developers who haven't cottoned
on to the errors on W3Schools yet) while The Counter gets its stats
from people who visit sites written by people who think web counters
(as opposed to using server logs) are a good idea.

David Dorward


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