[thelist] Why do we say what we say?

Oren Levin lists at pinetree.net
Thu Oct 25 08:24:01 CDT 2007

Rick den Haan wrote:
> As for having the CSS included above the scripts, I tend to put everything
> in my HEAD section in alphabetical order, so <link>, <meta>, <script>,
> <style>, <title>. Conditional comments go at the bottom. It usually doesn't
> matter to the browser what the order is, it's just for quick reference and
> personal preference.

Actually, the location of CSS and scripts ARE important. If you look at 
the performance research done by Yahoo at 
<http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/index.html#rules>, rules 5 and 6 
talk about putting the CSS as high in the code as possible and the 
script code as low in the code as possible.


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