[thelist] Why history will repeat itself with JavaScript andthe web | Technology | The Guardian

Stuart Young drstuey at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 22:45:35 CDT 2007

Just cherry picking one thing from that article to comment on:

"Apps are inconsistent, and don't even try to work together. You can't cut
and paste anything but plain text."

Say what?! There are so many examples of web apps that interconnect or use
the same standards or allow copy and pasting of more than plain text.

For example:

You can copy the text of a webpage into a word processor or a JavaScript
rich text editor and have the formatting of the webpage retained as well as
the text. You can select a webpage and copy and paste it into M$ Word and
have the text, the formatting AND the images retained.

You can drag an image out of a webpage onto the desktop and it will copy it.
You can drag an image out of a webpage into the selected item window in

My JavaScript rich text editor uses the same keyboard shortcuts as MS Word (
e.g. Ctrl_B for bold text).

What the hell is he talking about when he says that different apps do not
allow you to cut and paste?

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