[thelist] Miva Merchant?

Steven Pierce steven.pierce at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 22:52:12 CDT 2007


OK.. what do you suggest.. I am open, I was suppose to use the Miva
for a site that I was going to set up.  I need ASP.Net Support, but they
only support ASP (Classic) and it will not work.

So who do you think has the best Shopping Cart software?? An why??

I am a totally newbie on this, so baby steps..

On 11/1/07, Stuart Young <drstuey at gmail.com> wrote:
> My first gut reaction is avoid MIVA like the plague.
> The main problems with MIVA are:
>   - It is closed source and it is often difficult to add or change
>   anything.
>   - Many of the standard things that you would like to add to your store
>   turn out to be MIVA modules, each of which costs 100s or 1000s of
> dollars to
>   purchase. For example say you would like to have a breadcrumb trail,
> well
>   this is an extra MIVA module you will have to purchase. Or perhaps you
> would
>   like to have a mini "your shopping cart contains" box on every page.
> Again,
>   this is an extra MIVA module you will have to purchase.
>   - It requires a MIVA server software (as well as the store software)
>   which means you are restricted as to which host you can use and you have
> to
>   pay server licencing fees (as well as store software licencing fees).
>   - The architecture of the admin system is rather difficult to find
>   your way around. I had to prepare Word documents with screenshots to
> remind
>   myself where to go to change things, (let alone tell the client where to
>   change things if they are editing the site).
> The MIVA sites I have been involved with use hostasaurus.com as the MIVA
> host and they do seem to be good. It's only the software I have a beef
> with,
> not them.
> cheers
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