[thelist] Why history will repeat itself with JavaScript andthe web | Technology | The Guardian

Charles lists07 at wiltgen.net
Mon Nov 5 14:02:36 CST 2007

>> Basically, he needs to get out more.
> ...he's a business and marketing genius who apparently gets out
> exactly the right amount. He should ignore is own business
> acumen because of someone else's programming opinions?

My "get out more" comment refers to his mental block that JavaScript must
look like VBScript or Win32 and be compiled to bytecode.  He'll either get
over it or switch to Flash.

I have a different water-line for "genius", but I think Joel is right a lot.
It's not heresay to call him on it when he's not, though.

As for FogBugz, it's a nice product that I use every day, but it's not
substantially better or worse than any other bug-tracking system I've used.

-- Charles

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