[thelist] reasonable expectations for email delivery of HTML

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Nov 7 08:31:58 CST 2007

I have a client who wants a newsletter sent out that mimics the web 
site.  IMHO this is generally unrealistic.  Too many variables - 
browsers, email readers, monitors/resolution including widescreen, local 
desktop configurations, age of developer, etc. 

The one that I was working on yesterday and eventually got it right to 
display in Thunderbird and Outlook, on his PC Outllook looks awful.  And 
of course my webmail program is a wreck.  It will display some really 
simple html perhaps will borders/colors defined in CSS, but won't even 
take a shot at this. I have not checked @gmail yet.

If what I'm saying is reasonably accurate, how do you convey this 
message, politically correct?

Bob Meetin

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