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My biggest problem with sending an html confirmation email was with
Eudora.  I tested the email in several different email programs
(Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail) with html enabled and without and
thought I had it working, then someone with Eudora complained they were
getting "garbli-goop" (meaning they were seeing all the html tags).  I
had to install Eudora and make several tweaks before I got it to work!

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> If what I'm saying is reasonably accurate, how do you convey this
> message, politically correct?
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> Bob Meetin

I am not sure what exactly you are asking, but I have been sending out
opt-in HTML emails for the last 2 years...

My advice, if you want your email to work in all standard browsers:

Use NESTED tables for layout (no colspan, rowspan), and only use CSS for
embellishment, and make sure it's inline (for gmail)

I am not saying this as a cop-out.   Every time I make a table-based
email I
die a little :(

Anyhow,  hope this helps.

  - Jon


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