[thelist] Layout stability

DAVOUD TOHIDY dtohidy at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 7 09:17:48 CST 2007

Thanks a lot for the links rob. I will defeinitely have a look at them.
> Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 14:56:25 +0000> From: rob at sanchothefat.com> To: thelist at lists.evolt.org> Subject: Re: [thelist] Layout stability> > DAVOUD TOHIDY wrote:> >>> That depends entirely on how the menus are implemented. If they are >>well implemented, then if JS isn't available then they will remain >>highly usable (even if they don't have the ability to expand and >>collapse).> >>> > > > > Could you provide a sample please? and how they will remain usable even if they don't have the ability to expand and collapse.> > > > regards> > davoud> >> > > > I tend to make dropdown menus first with CSS :hover and :focus > pseudoclasses and then add javascript on top.> > As a fallback to both of those you can simply style the nested > navigation links and not hide them at all. Of course it only really > works well like this when the menu is vertical and the 'drop-downs' > actually appear to the side of the menu item (imagine sub-menus > appearing to the right of your vertical link lists as you hover on them).> > I find the best thing to do is repeat the links you'd find in the > dropdown for the section you are on somewhere on the page (usually a > sidebar).> > This website has some good starting points for CSS menus:> http://css.maxdesign.com.au/listamatic2/index.htm> > Thierry's accessible CSS/DOM menu is an excellent piece of work aswell:> http://www.tjkdesign.com/articles/keyboard_friendly_dom_menu.asp> > Hope that helps some,> Rob> -- > > * * Please support the community that supports you. * *> http://evolt.org/help_support_evolt/> > For unsubscribe and other options, including the Tip Harvester > and archives of thelist go to: http://lists.evolt.org > Workers of the Web, evolt ! 
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