[thelist] reasonable expectations for email delivery of HTML

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Nov 7 09:23:30 CST 2007

ben morrison wrote:
> On 11/7/07, VanBuskirk, Patricia <pvanbuskirk at otc.fsu.edu> wrote:
>> My biggest problem with sending an html confirmation email was with
>> Eudora.  I tested the email in several different email programs
>> (Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail) with html enabled and without and
>> thought I had it working, then someone with Eudora complained they were
>> getting "garbli-goop" (meaning they were seeing all the html tags).  I
>> had to install Eudora and make several tweaks before I got it to work!
> Campaign monitor has some good articles on HTML emails, eg:
> http://www.campaignmonitor.com/blog/archives/2007/04/a_guide_to_css_support_in_emai_2.html
> ben
I will take a look at the article.  Maybe I miscommunicated the thought, 
though.  I am not asking about opt-in/opt-out.  This works fine.  I have 
a joomla-based site (although this is not really the issue), this one 
based upon tables (ouch - not by choice).  It includes fairly simple 
hover-enhanced navigation with a number of pics, including some linking 
to the shopping cart. 

When I use dadamail to send out an html copy of the site/page to 
subscribers (me at this time) it is displaying surprisingly well to me 
in both Outlook and Thunderbird, but not well at all for my customer.  
In my mind it is possibly due to his monitor or perhaps some 
customizations to Outlook.

What I am asking, "Are we at the stage where a customer should expect 
that we can deliver/mimic his/her website in the body of an email 
message?"  To me it 'feels' like this is a different ballgame, adds a 
new set of variables, time/effort to be included in the basic package?  
Seems more like the 'platinum' version with 'platinum' testing/time.


Bob Meetin
dotted i - Internet Strategies & Solutions

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