[thelist] Layout Stability

Phil Turmel pturmel-webdev at turmel.org
Sat Nov 10 19:02:47 CST 2007

>> Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 16:20:30 -0500 Felix Miata wrote:
>> "Nothing wrong" is merely your opinion, not a fact.
>> The fact is you are bastardizing an inherently adaptive...
>> Just check the manufacturers' web sites for current models...
>> Screen resolution is merely one of the variables that need 
>> to be accounted for in competent testing.> The fact is you have several that take multiple lines, ...
> All of your comments are off topic and irrelevant. They are not
> even a usabilty issue in my layout and I do not get it why
> you are this much pushing this far.
> I believe all of your comments are self promotional, even though
> you might refer to some good points like the gap at the resolution of
> 1280, which is not related to usability either in my layout.
> All of your comments are off topic and don't have anything
> to do with the List. 

Certainly NOT off-topic for this list.  And you'd discover if you
checked the archives that Felix is one of the most consistently helpful
(and polite) posters on this list.  Felix doesn't need to
self-promote--you'll find kudos to him throughout the archives.

> I really do not want to bother those who are not interested in 
> following, this thread. So I would like you to reply directly to 
> me please instead of replying to the list.

This thread needs to cease, not go off-list.

> Well, I believe I have answered to all the above in my previous
> post and I do not want to repeat myself. 

[snip screed /]

You are responding with hostility where Felix's tone has been, at worst,
exasperated.  That is, he has pointed out a limitation of your
definition of stability, and you keep arguing how well you are meeting
that definition.  You have NOT answered his points.  You clearly weren't
expecting criticism when you asked for comments in your original post,
and you are therefore taking offense at what seems to me was polite
constructive criticism.

Please set your ego aside and re-read the thread.


Phil Turmel

ps.  As a native english speaker, Felix's command of english seems to me
to be: native.

<tip type="Smarty and Themes" author="Phil Turmel">

The Smarty templating engine can be extended to help support themes by
splitting your templates into "layout" and "content" parts. Place the
head and the theme-able components in the layout template like so:

<!DOCTYPE ..... >
 <div class="nav">
 ... theme-able navigation and containing divs ...
 <div class="content">

Then extend the templating class:

class ThemeSmarty extends Smarty {
 function displaytheme($ctemplate, $ttemplate) {
  $c = $this->fetch($ctemplate);
  $this->assign('content', $c);

$smarty = new ThemeSmarty();


$smarty->displaytheme('pagecontent.tpl', 'theme.tpl');


Drop the -webdev if you reply to me offlist (or my spam-catcher will
toss it).

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