[thelist] How do I delete uploaded files in PHP?

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Mon Nov 12 15:32:28 CST 2007

Two quick questions:

What are the permissions being set or defaulted to when the file is moved to it's final destination by the code example below?

e.g. what is the value of:  $this->file_perm

And if you "print file_exists($full_destination_path_and_name_to_remove);" What do you get?

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> Anthony,
> I tried this ftp method as a stupid wild stab at something that might work,
> I found it on a website explaining how to delete files. Resumes are uploaded
> using PHP file upload functions, mainly using this function, written by
> Marcos Thiago <fabismt at yahoo.com.br>:

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