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DAVOUD TOHIDY dtohidy at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 13 06:06:49 CST 2007

On Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2007 21:17:16 -0500 Felix Miata wrote:
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>I had nothing to do with the creation of the site from which >that image wasmade. http://dancesrq.homestead.com/ is> the very first site ever built by afriend's daughter. 
>She used homestead.com's garbageware to create> it becauseit was "easy" and inexpensively hosted. 
>She created it shortly before herwindoz computer broke>and was replaced by a Mac. Since homestead.com >garbageware is not supported or offered for the Mac, >shehas not yet done any updating based upon any >knowledge she gained fromexamining
> http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/auth/Sites/ksc/ 
>which on the other handwas created by >me _based_upon_her_ homestead.com site. 
>I did it originally asan exercise designed to show her the>difference between valid standards-basedHTML and CSS >and the tag soup that homestead.com litters the internet with.
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Here it is the URL for the above comment as below:
My thread's subject is "Layout Stability" not
"Homestead.com (was: Layout Stability)"‏ .
I did bring all of your previous comment within myreply and changed the sunject back to original subject
to make sure that if somebody browses my thread by subject will not miss my comment in here and
your previous comment above!!
How you can let yourself to change subject of somebody else's thread??? This is sure enough an unprofessional and 
unethical behaviour.
A forth grade student will act more professional than you .
You definitely need to take some courses onhow to act ethical and professional within a technicaland professional community.
>I did it originally asan exercise designed to show her...
Did you do it to show her or to show me? And have you doneit so many years ago or just NOW?
Here it is the proof in your previous comment about it:
////////// Your previous comment starts here  ////////////
>OK, you want revisit? Here it is:
>It has needed doing for some time, >so I took quite a bit of time to do it now>to use both here and as future reference to show poorly-adaptive versus>web-friendly resolution-agnostic design.
//////// Your previous comment ends here ///////////// 
and here it is the url for above comment:
and I will leave it to the List to determine if your comment in 
regards to recoding that site for that lady is true or a lie.
>fromexamining  http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/auth/Sites/ksc/ 
Well Thanks a lot for the link and I hope everybody has accessto the above URL.
Even though I just received another reply from you, , this time, with the correct subject!!!  with different contentbut I am not going to really go deeper in your layout and find defects for FUTURE REFFERENCE!! . I will not bring
myself that down professionally.
BTW I will reply to your next reply seperately.
Sure enough if i really want to, I will find enough defect in
your own layout. 
Further more you need to recode your own layout athttp://mrmazda.no-ip.com/menu.html which is a table based layout,and make it accessible and usable before talking about theaccessibilty and usability of somebody else's layout.
I did not bother looking for other defects in your own site at
http://mrmazda.no-ip.com . And I do not intend to make a 
demo here to show it to everybody.
Appraently you are just migrating from table based layout to css based layout.
I will have a quick comment on Dancesrq layout and againI will not bother going deeper .
Definitely, there is no such a perfect site today on theinternet to be considered as an ultimate solution and all we do is to find a point in the middle where we can satisfy the mostcommon browsers and resolutions. That is what you have donethere too.
I don't have access to higher resolutions today becauseI am out of office , I will try it later myself. However it would benice if you could provide screen captures of your layout at higher resolutions,specificly those that you were asking me to design for them like 1920x1200 and 1680x1050 ,as well as screen 
captures on different browsers and platforms please.
I have your current layout in my computer FOR FUTURE referrence,
so please just show me the screen captures of that layout without
any modification!
Browsercam has a trial version and it is free. It would be greatif i can see some of it in browsercam. It does not provide screen capture at resolutions of higher than 1280 though.
Apparently your layout will be like a very narrow column whena specific css rules applied. Otherwise it will not be a stable layout.
Even though your layout fits nicely on screen at the resolution of 600 * 400 however this resolution is deprecated :) and I will not design for this resolution ever, unless my client asks me to.
But I will check my layout to see how it look like. 
Having a scroll bar at this resolution is not important to me andI consider this resolution as a last priority.
Browse your layout and tap on the ctrl+  at different resolutionsand see the effect of it. Surely there is no layout stability after
some incerements. But that is O.K to me. It is you showing 
it as a defect in my layout.
I can see there is no layout stability at some resolutions based on your different css rules or if there is then there is a scroll bar for example when browsing your layout with the dancesrqdpref.cssrule at 800 it does not have layout stability at all and when browsing it with dancesrqdno100.css it does have scrollbar at this resolution.
Remember that your demo shows my portfolio has a scrollbarat 600*400 and you have mentioed it in your demo to show it as a defect. But your layout has a scroll bar at 800  and or isnot a stable layout.
I would rather to have a stable layout without a scroll bar at 800 *600 and have a stable layout with scroll barat 600 *400, rather than having a scroll bar or unstable layout at 800 and an unstable layout without a scroll bar at 600.
Surely I can provide a Demo for FUTURE refferrence! However,
I do not intend to demonstrate any defect in your layout!!
I believe technical capability is necessary to be a professional but it is not enough.
To be considered as a professional, one needs to have professional ethics before even having the necessarytechnical knowledge.
One before even SHOWING that s/he is trying to solve a problemfor somebody else, needs to solve his/her own problems in real life and in his/her own web site and then providea solution for somebody else.
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