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DAVOUD TOHIDY dtohidy at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 13 09:02:09 CST 2007

Phil Turmel wrote:> You are responding with hostility where Felix's 
>tone has been, at worst,> exasperated. 
Dear Phil,
I have talked to other people in other lists in regards to
"layout stability". You might want to check them out as
well. I have even accepted to learn from some of them. 
I do not know what hostility means, until I see there is 
somebody who is following a certain purpose to downsize 
or downgrade somebody or somebody else's work purposely.
>That is, he has pointed out a limitation of your> definition of stability, and you keep arguing how well you 
>are meeting that definition. 
There is no doubt that there is a limit for "layout stability" and
please read the thread yourself again because I have mentioned 
it in my previous posts. And even I have mentioned a real time
example to help him grasp the definition of layout stability that
I have provided.
I am not arguing, I am just telling the facts. It is obvious
that after some increments my layout becomes unstable.
However, That is what I have designed for and that is what
serves the purpose. 
>You have NOT answered his points. 
Well he has not answered mine. I have asked for feedback on
layout stability NOT feedback on my portfolio. And If I have
not then how come you have [snip screed /] :) over there?
He has not even given any answer in regards to accepting
or rejecting the idea of coding for layout stability. 
Further more he is pushing to downgrade my layout.
As I have mentioned before in my previous reply, I do not
suggest that my layout is an ultimate solution.
>You clearly weren't expecting criticism when you asked
> for comments in your original post,
Well as I said the subject of my thread is "layout stability".
If I was asking for a feedback on my portfolio everybody
was welcome to say anything about it.
But the fact is that I was only expecting about layout 
Surely I am open to any critique as long as I see it is not
in the way of purposely down grading my layout. Again
please read the other lists and you will notice it yourself.
Otherwise I wouldn't even responding to him.
> and you are therefore taking offense at what seems to 
>me was polite constructive criticism.
I am not taking offense at all. He is definitely trying to
downgrade my portfolio purposely.
Let me give you example of what he is doing. He changed
the subject of my thread last time to prevent those 
who are or will follow this thread by subject from seeing that
specific comment which he has made.
He then gives two urls as below in his last post:
> http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/SS/Davoto/sc-davoto3 (screenshot)> http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/SS/Davoto/sc-davoto-i3 (URL from which screenshot made)
Please feel free to browse them. The second one "sc-davoto-i3",
will take you to a screen capture. click on it to enlarge and
get the URL from address bar of the screen capture. 
Here it is the URL :
Feel free to browse it and see what kind of person who is and
what personality he has. Don't forget to see how he has 
manipulated my portfolio. 
And don't forget to see the
 " The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" sentence
which has been repeated many times just next to my picture. And 
please don't forget to see that there is no juming column
in my portfolio in the screen captures.
Juming column will exist only after couple of extra increments 
which I have not designed for it anyways.
Just in case if you cannot have access to that url, I am putting
screen captures of it in my server.
Here they are the urls:
Now, Won't you be ashamed of calling somebody like him as
a native of yours?
There are some "*** " that need to take their medicine before
they join to a professional community.
> Please set your ego aside and re-read the thread.
I will re read,please do so yourself as well. 
I will not reply to him anymore. Strike three OUT.
Please feel free to contact me off list at any time.
[snip: screed /] :)
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