[thelist] Layout Stability

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 09:47:47 CST 2007

DAVOUD TOHIDY scribeva in 13/11/2007 12:06:
> How you can let yourself to change subject of somebody else's
> thread??? This is sure enough an unprofessional and unethical
> behaviour.

Davoud, please have a look here: 

Point 4 clearly states: "If an ongoing discussion drifts from the 
initial subject, please change the subject line to reflect the new subject."

So Felix has done the right, ethical and professional thing, and read 
the list guidelines before posting here.

> A forth grade student will act more professional than you .

Oh, and remember to read the first point too, the one that reads 
"Respect each other. Diversity in Web development is not only tolerated 
but encouraged. Argument and debate are fine. Character digs and 
personal attacks are not."

> You definitely need to take some courses onhow to act ethical and
> professional within a technicaland professional community.
> ... I will not bring myself that down professionally.
> I believe technical capability is necessary to be a professional but
> it  is not enough.
> To be considered as a professional, one needs to have professional
> ethics before even having the necessarytechnical knowledge.

Davoud, even though the listinfo (link above) tells that "The list is 
intended for professional Web workers", I think you might now be getting 
a little carried away with your cries for professionalism... If your 
intention is to convince the readers about the level of *your* 
professionalism, there is a chance that the intended and actual effects 
don't fully meet.


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