[thelist] "Rotate" div + contents in non-IE browser

Jon Hughes hughesj at firemtn.com
Tue Nov 13 11:48:07 CST 2007

> non-IE browser - which browser or rather Mobile platform is your
> application for?
> >From my limited knowledge, CSS and in fact HTML support is very poor
> when it comes to mobile phones - are you developing for only one
> particular mobile device - such as an iPhone....
> Can you explain why you have to rotate the contents - I would have
> thought that layout is generally done by widths - which can
> accommodate different sizes.
> When you say Application - is this something that is installed on the
> device or a website?
> ben


The browser is essentially firefox (possibly Opera...) - I mentioned
non-IE because I don't want to use proprietary IE "filters" to rotate
the content.

The browser support to pretty much the same as Firefox, it supports
javascript and CSS2.

I am a contractor on this job, and was simply told that it had to be
rotated.  In my own eyes, I agree with you, but that's not what the
client wants :)

And to answer your final question, it is going to be a "website"
fundamentally, but the handheld will be set on this one website, and you
will be unable to navigate away. (the devices sole purpose is to be on
this website)

I hope that helps,

 - Jon

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