[thelist] "Rotate" div + contents in non-IE browser

Ken Snyder kendsnyder at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 12:42:39 CST 2007

Jon Hughes wrote:
> Ben,
> The browser is essentially firefox (possibly Opera...) - I mentioned
> non-IE because I don't want to use proprietary IE "filters" to rotate
> the content.
> ...
> And to answer your final question, it is going to be a "website"
> fundamentally, but the handheld will be set on this one website, and you
> will be unable to navigate away. (the devices sole purpose is to be on
> this website)...
It seems like you would want the device to run Firefox in landscape mode 
rather than have Firefox rotate the content.

However, Google did produce this idea of embedding HTML in a sideways 
SVG image with Firefox 3's "foreignObject":

- Ken Snyder

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