[thelist] Ruby on Rails: why?

Mark Howells-Mead webdev at mountain.ch
Wed Nov 14 08:26:14 CST 2007

Hi all

Just to be a bit controversial and perhaps a little OT.

Is Ruby on Rails just a trendy, client-server version of programs  
like GoLive and Frontpage? I see an awful lot of job adverts these  
days demanding experience with RoR, but from the introductory videos  
on the official website, it doesn't seem to be much more than a  
GoLive-type environment, albeit with integral Server-Side features.  
Am I missing something? It seems like a tool to enable developers to  
produce websites with dynamic content using less than optimal code  
and standardized functions, instead of had coding, which is in the  
most cases far superior. I am infinitely quicker coding by hand and  
RoR seems to add steps to the development process, instead of taking  
steps away....

Just $0.02, no offence intended to users and RoR developers!

Mark Howells-Mead
- www.permanenttourist.ch
- www.flickr.com/photos/mhowells/

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