[thelist] Ruby on Rails: why?

Mark Howells-Mead webdev at mountain.ch
Thu Nov 15 06:53:47 CST 2007

>> Do you have any links you can share? It sounds as though I've been
>> doing this for many years, and that (for example) RoR is simply the
>> most recent and popular framework.
> I myself don't know nor use RoR, but you can see these:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model-view-controller
> http://cakephp.org/

Thanks for the links, Fred. Though I know that CakePHP is about PHP,  
it puts me off using a development tool, when I go to the project  
website and within two clicks start finding programming errors or  
oversights! (Namely, Javascript errors and an comments section full  
of spam, which is fairly easily blocked these days. I know this  
doesn't have any direct association with the "product" but it does  
give a poor first impression of the developers who have created it,  
which would make me question the stability of their project!)

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