[thelist] Ruby on Rails: why?

Mark Howells-Mead webdev at mountain.ch
Thu Nov 15 09:04:26 CST 2007

> Your phrasing is confusing -- don't know if you intended the double-
> negative, BUT just for the record...
> WordPress is most definitely multi-lingual.
> <http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress_in_Your_Language>

Sorry, I naturally meant "none of the high profile shareware/freeware  
CMS systems, like WordPress for example, properly support  

That's to say, I can't use the default installation of WordPress to  
power a site where the visitor can switch between (say) English,  
French, German and Italian content at will. That requires an input  
environment which is capable of handling content in several languages  
concurrently, which WordPress - and, as far as I am aware, all other  
popular freeware CMS systems - cannot. (Not without a third party add- 
on, anyway.)

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