[thelist] Mysql connection failed

Santilal Parbhu santilal at scorpioneng.co.nz
Sun Nov 18 15:34:52 CST 2007

Thanks Guys,

It is a strange problem.  It has re-occurred a couple of times over the last
weeks and worked normally a couple of times as well.  I can't find any
pattern.  I have tried the username of 'admin'@'%', but that didn't seem to

I have had two thoughts about this:

The first is that I recently installed WAMP, because I was going to look at
upgrading to PHP5.  WAMP has Apache Server (which I have disabled) and also
PHP5 and MySQL.  Could it be that on some occasions it is calling the wrong
MySQL?  How is the MySQL address specified?  (Note that these problems only
started after I loaded WAMP so this looks like a possibility.)

The other thought I had was that when starting my laptop (on which I am
doing all the development) I get a couple of errors:

1.	Explorer.exe - Could not locate framedyn.dll.
2.	Rundll - Could not locate c:/WINDOWS/system32\xcnkljrv.dll.

I have no idea what these errors mean.



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> You mention 'improving security' - any chance you've tightened up
> database security? It looks as if your database access is failing due
> to an incorrect username or password, or the user account doesn't have
> access to the database.

+1 - but also check the host because of the MySql way of treating
admin at localhost and admin at devmachine as separate accounts.

If it's intermittent, it *may* even be the localhost thing - perhaps
MySql is sometimes seeing the host as localhost and sometimes as
servername, so check you have 'admin'@'localhost' *and*
'admin'@'servername' (or just define 'admin'@'%' to cover all hosts if
you are not worried about third party access)


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