[thelist] Trouble submitting form using javascript

Daniel Kessler danielk at umd.edu
Mon Nov 19 09:11:24 CST 2007

I have a form that I can use the 'submit' button to submit, but am  
having trouble using javascript to submit.  I'm going to include the  
extra js function just in case it's affecting the function I'm trying  
to use.  It gives the error, "Error: document. getSel.submit is not a  
function ".

<FORM NAME="getSel" id="getSel" METHOD="POST"  

<script language="javascript">
	function approve_individual(id){
		var the_id = id;
		document.getSel.id.value = the_id;
		document.getSel.action = 'timesheet.cfm'; // I've also tried  
putting in a full url here.
		// displays id fine
		// displays new action fine
		// Error: document. getSel.submit is not a function
	function selectAll(end_num){
		var the_end_num = end_num;
			document.getSel["approval"+cc].checked = 'checked';


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