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Craig Givens nospamaddy at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 11:46:15 CST 2007

Thanks, Vlad. Sorry if I did not state this clearly, but I didn't mean
general references on what XHTML is and how to use it. I meant more in
terms of how to properly use Semantic XHTML with your content to
provide meaningful context for each part of the page.

For example, some people choose to make their main logos wrapped in an
H1. Why? Is this semantically correct? Does the logo need to occupy
the top level of the Document Outline and content hierarchy? I'm
curious if there are any definitive guides on how to best structure
the XHTML markup to best provide meaningful content to all user agents
and search engines.

I know, for example, that it is preferable to use elements with
semantic meaning over generic containers. But why? Is there any solid
data anywhere to support this best practice? What are the correct
rules for headlines, taglines, date stamps, contact information,
addresses, etc? When is it right to use microformats?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Craig,

Please see:


XStandard XHTML WYSIWYG Editor

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From: Craig Givens
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> Does anyone have any definitive resource guides on how to properly use
> XHTML for semantic markup purposes? By this I mean proper uses of
> H1's-H7's to present meaningful hierarchies of information/content,
> whether the logo should be an H1 or not, subheaders, naming
> conventions for semantic XHTML elements & attributes, citations, list
> items, date stamps, contact information, etc.
> It seems like there are varying opinions out there on what works
> better with search engines, which is more accessible, portable,
> usable, etc. without a common standard to follow.


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