[thelist] broken mysql table

Chris Anderson Chris at activeide.com
Wed Nov 21 15:37:57 CST 2007

>  >If so, might the auto increment have "run out" (i.e. might the last
> There are 36794 records in that table. The auto increment primary key
> in an int(11).

Ok - always worth checking on auto-increments, but it looks like you
have a long way to wait before that occurs on there (as have your
grandchildren <g>)

> The article was very specific about what to do, but had no info about
> what was going on "under the hood". Someone had anonymously submitted
> a problem similar to mine. The  reply was: "Try to repair this table.
> Click on the db name in the left pane, tick the checkbox besides this
> table in the right pane, then choose Repair in the drop-down." I
> followed those instructions, and phpmyadmin gave a generic message
> something like "table repaired successfully", but no info about what
> was wrong.

I hate "magic" fixes.
It may just be a bug in MySql. If you are up to it and have the time,
you could look through the source and see what the repair function does
in phpadmin or MySql - hopefully it's commented so you can skim through

First step though as Hassan stated - check you have the most recent
version and upgrade if not (checking your site on it before deployment
of course!)

Then wait for it to happen again.
If it does - and it happens regularly, you could always try to add some
auto-repair code (i.e. call the repair functionality if you do not get
the anticipated results from the cart, etc)

Good luck

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