[thelist] broken mysql table

Garth Hagerman hagerman at mcn.org
Wed Nov 21 16:24:14 CST 2007

Note- I'm answering a couple of replies here at the same time.

 >Are you using the latest MySQL? If not, have you looked at the  
change notes from later versions than yours?

No. It's shared hosting. And a local-yokel host at that. We're running  
mysql 4.0.24. Checking the later version release notes is a good idea  
that I hadn't thought of.

 >Have you looked at the MySQL logs? For that matter, have you looked  
at the system logs?

No. I don't know how to access them or what to look for if they were  
in front of me.

 >>Someone had anonymously submitted
 >> a problem similar to mine. The  reply was: "Try to repair this  
 >> Click on the db name in the left pane, tick the checkbox besides  
 >> table in the right pane, then choose Repair in the drop-down." I
 >> followed those instructions, and phpmyadmin gave a generic message
 >> something like "table repaired successfully", but no info about what
 > >was wrong.

 >I hate "magic" fixes.
They're difinitely non-optimal, but way better than nothing. At least  
I got my client's cart working again promptly.
I think I'll move the site to a new host. In addition to their  
possible culpability with this problem, the server crashed today and  
the site was down for about an hour in the middle of the business day.  
I have the same basic cart running on serveral servers and this is the  
only time the problem has popped up. These local folks are cute and  
cuddly, but they don't seem to know anything about databases or php.

             thanks to Chris and Hassan

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