[thelist] Hosting recommendation

ManfredK manfred at manfredk.com
Fri Nov 23 04:02:09 CST 2007

Well I know you get what you pay for
but I have several Sites hosted with www.ucvhost.com and 
All at only $1 per Month on Linux Server with PHP MYSQL etc All my Sites 
are working fine with various versions of Oscommcere, Zen-Cart Mambo and 
Open Realty installed. Never had a long term problem and at $1 per month 
I am not complaining too much about the odd 1 hour offline or so.

kasimir-k wrote:
> Paul Bennett scribeva in 22/11/2007 20:06:
>> I just want to set up a blog & portfolio site for now, but it may
>> turn into a staging area and possibly more hosting for future
>> clients....
> One option worth considering is a virtual server. Typically you can get 
> smaller (cheaper) first, and as your needs grow you can purchase more 
> capacity.
> I've used myself:
> <http://www.redwoodvirtual.com/> and
> <http://bytemark.co.uk/page/Live/hosting/virtualmachine>
> Both good, no problems.
> .k

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