[thelist] PHP multiple style switcher

DAVOUD TOHIDY dtohidy at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 23 14:04:46 CST 2007

> on Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 14:35:20 -0500 Jeffrey Barke wrote:>but I still fail to understand *why*
> this would have anything to do with the browser. Are you talking 
> about multiple style sheets that express different styles or multiple
> style sheets that address browser inconsistencies.
o.k could you please visit my portfolio at
http://cssfreelancer.awardspace.com .
As you can see in the source , I am using different
styles. One (safari.css) for Safari, the other one for IE7 and Other
browsers called other.css and the last one is ie6.css
which I am using it for IE6.
I am planning to have some other styles for each browser, so 
yes I am talking about multiple style sheets that express different 
styles for a specific browser. So I am planning to detect the browser
, load the proper default css and provide opportunity for user
to switch to another css file based on different browser and
different styles.
> If the former, there is no need to detect the browser server side. 
yes that is correct but why not? and if browser detection is going
to happen client side like the one that I have in my portfolio:
1-what if somebody has disabled Javascript
2-is there any browser detection method which does not
involve javascript in client side? other than what I have in
my portfolio which partially uses javascript?
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