[thelist] OT: Need a new laptop for development...

bj bj at kickasswebdesign.com
Mon Nov 26 12:38:32 CST 2007

>I was just using my sister's Mac, which she loves. But I am not sure I could
>handle the lack of a right-click mouse! How do you do all the right click
>stuff on a Mac anyway?

It's a little known secret that a regular USB optical scroll mouse
will work on a mac, and any program that installs on both mac and
windows will include right/left/scroll functions. You can even switch
the mousebuttons for a leftie, though it's trick to find, and I can't
remember where it is. I do assure you my left hand mouse with the
buttons switched works with all functionality on my IBook test machine
with OSX, so I don't see a macbook or other newer mac being any different.

Ciao for now,
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