[thelist] IE7 Problem

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 06:09:30 CST 2007

Greg scribeva in 27/11/2007 6:47:
> I can also confirm the ef bb bf [1] characters preceding the doctype - 
> whether this is part of the problem I'm not qualified to say.

After having a second thought, I think this probably is not the reason - 
as there are there required two CRLFs, then anything should go after 
that (as this is HTML - were it XML the parser would bark).

Another "don't know if it's the reason but..." there are images with 
src="/" - this creates extra call to the homepage. It could be that MSIE 
doesn't like receiving text/html when it asked for an image...


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